The monochrome style trend stems from a single color. Some may say that it is boring, but in my opinion it gives a modern and sophisticated look. And, when can you do it? When you combine the same color in different textures and in light and dark tones. As simple as that.

A fun feature of this style is that you can play more with accessories.

I once read from (Andres Manci) that "When you use several colors in the same outfit, you manage to hide areas of your body, while highlighting others. Whether it is intentional or not. While the monochrome style unifies those parts of your body, giving it continuity and fluidity". And this made me very curious and I started to explore.

Although you have to wear what you like and make you happy, it is worth experimenting with new trends that you may never have thought of wearing.

You must carry the total look with style and you can make it fun, cool, chic and sporty. The key is that you always use it with good taste and you can reflect your personality.

And have you used these looks or do you prefer to combine different colors?

Written by: Heyda Pineiro

CEO: CaMar Boutique